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Friday, October 21, 2011

Back to crafting again!

Well it took me some time to start doing crafts again after moving.  I'm pretty sure I have found almost everything.

Last weekend I had a table at a craft fair.  I did pretty good.  I sold 81 items, 10 that were cards.  I made $114 about $95 profit.  Not bad since I decided to enroll in the craft fair less than 4 weeks before and had nothing made except some Holiday cards.

I made decorated mint patties (snowman head, snowflake, elf and Santa's belly) sold in a package of 4 with a ribbon tied at the top.  Also, baby in a manger, two sets of soccer balls and another of basketballs.   I sold out!!  Amazing.

I also made Hershey snowmen with fleece hats and scarves.  REALLY cute.  I sold out very fast.  I sold them for $2.00 each.  The vendors around me told me I should charge more, but I think the price is why they sold so well.  I still made about $1.15 a bar.

Then there was the decorated Starbucks jars filled with candy (sold 2), coaster calendars (sold 2) and post it holders (sold 1), nugget boxes (sold 0, this was odd as it was the #2 best seller last year) and Ghiridelli Chocolate boxes( sold 2). 

I was asked to participate in 2 more craft fairsm which was very validating.  I will post pictures this weekend.

I also re-listed about 8 items on etsy (InkedGreetings.etsy.com) and sold a card less than 12 hours later.
It is great to be back. 

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  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to see some pics, sounds like a great fair!