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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brayered Cards

Yesterday was a half day at work.  I was able to come home and get creative.  I decided to make my favorite type of card - A Brayered Card.

I decided to make a beach card.  I tried to take pictures along the way.  I made a total of three cards- to see them look at the last set of pictures.

~White glossy paper     ~Sticky note     ~Stamps     ~Brayer     ~Sponges
~Several blue inks         ~Versamark     ~Scrap paper     ~White gel  pen
~Yellow or orange ink    ~Heat Gun       ~Fantastix "pen"

  • Put scrap paper down to cover workspace.
  • Stamp image on sticky note, positioning so that part of the "sticky" is still on the back side of the paper.  Or use a 2 way glue, letting become tacky. 
  • Cut the image out just inside the outer edge.  This will help prevent a white outline around the stamped image after brayering.
  • Stamp image on white glossy paper using Versamark ink.

  • Cover image with embossing powder. Turn paper over and tap on the back to remove any extra power.  Any/all extra powder on paper.  A small paintbrush works well.
  • Heat the embossing powder until shiny.
  • Cover embossed image with sticky note image.
  • Starting with lightest blue ink, evenly coat brayer.  Roll brayer over paper.  I find it is best to roll in one direction only to prevent the ink from re-covering the brayer.
  • Continue to evenly coat the brayer with ink and roll on the paper until you obtain the colors you want. 
  • Cover Fantastix "pen"(Q-tip will also work) with yellow/orange ink (I used Apricot appeal) lightly color the area where the light will shine out.
  • Remove the sticky note covering the embossed image.  Color the light inside the light house.

  • Using white gel pen, draw in waves- I used shaky lines.  I covered the rock area under the lighthouse to look like waves crashing on the rock.
  • Let dry completely or use heat gun to dry inks on paper.
  • Mat on cardstock.
  • Admire your work of art!  
If you would like me to email you larger pictures, just let me know.

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  1. Wow, these are beautiful!

    I'm a new-ish blogger & I would love it if you stopped by my blog, there's not a lot on there yet (I'm a chicken about posting my creations, but I'm hoping making some online friends will help push me to post them)!!!

    I also have a blog candy giveaway going on right now!