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Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will be writing mostly about rubberstamping and paper crafts. I will also be adding a few fun stories from work.

I work at a doctors office. Our patients say and do some of the cutest and funniest things. All my stories are good intentioned, never to actually harm or make fun of my patients or their conditions. I am the first person to make fun of myself and share the silly and sometimes stupid things I do.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Before pictures...SCARY!

 Here are the pictures!

Anyone else with a mess like this?  Please tell me I am NOT the only one!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Creativity sometimes means cleaning up FIRST!

I have not been in my craft room for about a couple of weeks now.  Why?  Because it is a disaster! 

I was busy making cards and boxes for a couple of craft fairs - I think I made 135 cards,  40 Hersey Nugget boxes,  26 Ghiradelli chocolate boxes and about a dozen or so of packages of 4 mint patties in the shapes of a snowflake, a snowman, a Santa suit and an elf.  Almost all of the candy sold, did not do so good on the cards.  I am not too disappointed because thetwo craft fairs were not very well organized or advertised.  The next craft fairs will be better.  I will post some of the cards on my Etsy shop.

After all that, I was tired.  I was doing really good about cleaning up each night.,,but then there was that one night, where I was too tired.  It just takes one night of  not put things away, then the mess grows.

I was going to tackle the craft room tonight.  But time got away from me...so tomorrow it is.  I only have cleaning/reorganizing my craft room, taking back a couple of Christmas items for my daughter and baking something for my family with my new Kitchen Aide mixer.

I know I will get the room back together.  I have faith in myself.  Mostly because it has been a bit rough at work and I need to get my creative spirit going to distract me from the yucky parts of the day.

I will take before and after pictures and post them.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Brayered Happiness Always Card


This is my all time favorite card!  I made this several months ago and placed it on my Etsy shop.  I hope it sells, but honestly I will be truly sad to not have it my hands to look at everyday for inspiration.

The supplies I used are at the bottom of this post.
I like to use glossy paper when brayering.  I find it smears the ink a little better than matte paper.

Tearing the scratch piece of paper unevenly (keep both sides) place on glossy paper to cover where the grass is to be. 

I inked my brayer with a light color of blue, rolled the brayer onto the glossy paper, repeating with a darker blue and gradually moving upwards to the top of the card with watch color.  I was careful not to roll the brayer to many times because the ink will re-coat the brayer if not dry.

After waiting a few minutes for the ink to dry, I then took the other side of the torn paper to cover the blue sky so I could brayer the bottom of the card green for the grass.  I did the same type of brayering, starting with the lightest green
and working to darker greens.   I lightly sponged some dark mossy green to show as shadows.  I took the same green and stamped areas of grass.

I stamped the tree first in black, pushing very hard onto the paper, this leaves an outline of the stamped.  I re-stamped the tree with normal pressure in brown.  Added the red apples and the black tire swing.  I lightly sponged green around the top of the tree.

I used my Big Shot and Spellbinders Label 4, to make  the decorative die cut.  Keeping the metal die on the paper, I sponged with blue in a circular pattern.  By keeping the die on the die cut, this allows the edges to stay white.  Then stamped with the die cut with 'Happiness Always".

The "Happiness Always" die cut was mounted using Popdots.  Picture was mounted on a green cardstock and attached to a white card back with Scor-tape.

If you have any questions about this card, please let me know.

Supplies used:
  • Glossy paper
  • Green cardstock
  • Varies inks in blues and greens
  • Black, brown and red inks 
  • White cardstock for card base
  • Branch Out stamp set by Stampin Up
  • Sponge
  • Brayer
  • Scratch paper
  • Big Shot or other die cutting machine
  • Spellbinders Labels 4 die cuts
  • Popdots
  • Scor- tape