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Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will be writing mostly about rubberstamping and paper crafts. I will also be adding a few fun stories from work.

I work at a doctors office. Our patients say and do some of the cutest and funniest things. All my stories are good intentioned, never to actually harm or make fun of my patients or their conditions. I am the first person to make fun of myself and share the silly and sometimes stupid things I do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Work Valentines

I made valentines for my co-workers.  This is not the exact idea in had in my head, but I think they turned out pretty good.  Especially since I finished the last 4 at 1:20 am.  I placed a Ghiridelli Chocolate Square inside.

The ink, stamps and butterfly punch are all from Stampin Up. 
If you would like to know which sets, please let me know.

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  1. Those are really cute! You have lucky co-workers! Mine are all getting....uhm...nothing for Valentines day. LOL!